Adoption / November 22, 2016

What Can You Do To Help?

“We need your help.”  

It is truly humbling to write those words.

We are adopting and we are asking your help…please read on.  

Coming to Thailand has changed us as a family.  The spirit of the Thai people and the plight of children waiting for families has left a mark on our family that will define us.  Despite our most recent heartbreak and financial set-back we plan to continue our drive for adoption while also providing assistance to the Thai People who inspire us.  In order to both adopt and help the Thai people we are rolling out our “One-Thousand Scarves” campaign.  

By selling handmade scarves from local Thai artisans we can not only help fund our adoption, but also provide work/livable wage for multiple local craft makers.  By selling just 1000 beautiful hand-made scarves (for a fraction of what you can get them in the US) we will achieve our goal and bring our little girl, wherever she is, home.  In addition, you will provide 6 months of wages for a Thai artisan.  It is truly amazing what less than 30 dollars per person can do!    

Living in a foreign country, in the heart of a big city would change anyone.  As we near the end of our tour here and reflect on the mark Thailand will leave on our souls, there are two things that stand out.  First, and what we have shared here, is our “call” to adopt.  While we had, until recently, focused on adopting from Thailand, it is the deep drive to help a child in need that has really come into focus for us here in the land of smiles.  Second, the spirit of the Thai people and their vibrant culture has changed us forever.  We will certainly always consider ourselves part Thai after our time here.  So it comes to this, “How do we honor Thailand and still answer our call to adopt despite being crushed by the Thai adoption authorities?”  1000 scarves is our answer.  We can help locals and adopt from the US in one action.  You can help us do that!

We are asking you to buy a scarf…or buy a lot!  Give them as gifts and share our story.  Share the story of 1000s of kids living in foster care and those who are placed for adoption after being born.  Share how adoption helps prevent abortion and helps the mothers who unable to care for the children.  Share the stories of how a girl in Chiang Mai Thailand hand-crafted the piece of art you are wearing around your neck, and share the story (which you can follow here) of the little girl you helped to find a forever home.  You can be a part of our own little movement to change lives not only in Thailand, but one little life in the USA.  

What can you do specifically?  

1) Buy a hand crafted scarf HERE (or buy more for your christmas gifts!).  

2) Share our posts on social media so that more people find out about us and can help us out.  

Putting ourselves out there like this is scary, but we know with your help we can bring our girl home.  

Thank you!

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  1. Crystal

    That is such a cool idea! I wish I had the money to help out with stuff like this! Will definitely be sharing though.

    25 . Nov . 2016
  2. tineke - workingmommyabroad

    Great initiative and hope you make it! Have shared!

    26 . Nov . 2016

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